Birth of the genius

The Czechoslovakian blood flows in my hands, which wields baton and graphic tools.

Years go by, and all I do is playing, drawing and doing nothing worthwhile — maybe I don’t know that this is going to be my "whole" life.

In the young years
Ales Me in youth

How did I start?

I started to play with Photoshop at Elementary school and it stick with me to the High school. After graduation, I’ve begun breaking pixels over my knees!

I remember that like
Ales Me is playing on the computer

How does it continue?

New orders are coming, clients sometimes leave, but I still learn new things to make it even better for the next time.

So far it is great
A conclusion of the contract

How it ends?

Who knows where we end up, it’s a thought, but my text on the web are also thoughtful. Luckily, the word magician Roman Veznik took care of them.

Rest in pixels
Ales Me and future RIP
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